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Currently, the main courses I’m offering center upon research methods, ranging from undergraduate level to doctoral levels.

In the fall semesters, I offer JC26021 New Media Research Methods (in English) for the international graduate and doctoral students.

In the spring semester, I offer JC406 Research Methods in Communication (in Chinese) for freshman undergraduate students.

If you are looking for the class materials for JC406 for Spring 2017, please click here.

If you are looking for the class materials for JC26021 for Fall 2017, please click here.


I have taught numerous courses in both English and Chinese. Here is a complete list of the course I have offered:

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Research on Digital Culture (Postgraduate, in English)

New Media Research Methods (Postgraduate, in English)

Quantitative Communication Research Methods

Research Methods in Mass Communication (Postgraduate)

Macau University of Science & Technology

New Media Communication and Development

Introduction to Internet Communication

Introduction to Radio and Television

Quantitative Communication Research Methods

Media Strategy and Planning

Planning & Creative Strategy

Brand Strategy and Communication (Postgraduate)

Strategic Communication (Postgraduate)

Advanced research methods (Doctoral)

University of Connecticut

Mass Communication Systems

Principles of Public Speaking

Process of Communication